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enjoy a luxurious adventure to santa barbara. see you next time. >> i'm glad you accepted my bag. >> no more straitjackets? >> no more straitjackets.
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is what the big storm did in san francisco nothing down trees, causing property damage an expensive mess. >> to the north and west sonoma county big rigs had to slow didn't when a creek overflowed on highway 1. good morning i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. highway 87 in san you can see it is still raining, flooding causing problems for drivers in the fast lane. >> a live look from our camera you can see how windy and
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foggy it is. >> we have live team coverage from the storm. >> let's begin with meteorologist mike nicco. good morning. here's a look at what is going on as far as live doppler is concerned we have our strongest storm right now showing up along san francisco and the peninsula. that is going to be heading east a wave has developed along this cold front what is churning out some of these stronger returns now if you look north that is the edge of the cold front going to march across the bay keeping news the showers at least through the around with the heaviest of the showers ending between noon and . so far ourr greatest rainfall amount lake- in napa county, 9 inches, an inch and a half in san francisco close to that in oakland, -- nearly an inch in san jose. nobody has been spared the wrath of this rain. good news, the winds are
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calmer and will continue to stay calm. our main concern will be localized flooding from whatever showers moves through over the next couple of hours and how much rain they drop. i see better weather on the way. a deadly incident in fairfax investigating for possible ties to the storm. mark matthew is live on sir francis drake boulevard. >> reporter: we are in downtown fairfax the cabin that burned last night is a mile and a half from here. the cabin is at a dead end road 40 meadow way in the cascade canyon, a neighborhood outside the city limits of fairfax. the cabin caught fire last night by the time firefighters arrived, it was almost to the ground. an hour ago, a very emotionally distraught woman came to the scene demanding to get past the police barricade.
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>> no! i want to go to the house now, come with me. >> i need you to stay behind the firemen. >> talk to him, calm down. >> i'm the caregiver, i do hospice this is the son of my boss. why can't i go up there? >> i can have you pass this line. >> why? >> the woman says she is the estranged wife of the cabin's owner. police are talking with her now. >> came in 1:30, 2:00 last night they had troubl locating it conflicting reports about what was going on up here thought it was a transformer located the fire by the time they got here the fire was fully involved. >> reporter: the fire marshal says they are still in the process of removing the body, not identifying the victim. they are not sure of the cause
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of the fire. there had been a lot of power outages in marin this morning. a pg&e is work to restore power to residents of palm hill and larkspur. the elementary school in san anselmo is closed today because the power is of. we will be here all day reporting on this -- storm and keeping you updated on that homicide investigation. looks like a fire victim one body still yet to be recovered. mark matthews, abc7 news. the storm has caused a lot of power outages around the bay area and santa cruz mountains. 2700 customers without electricity in the north bay. nearly 800 on the peninsula. in the east bay about 500 people. 400 in the south bay. in the suz mountains, 2,000 homes -- in the santa cruz mountains 2,000 homes and businesses in the dark down from 20,000 without power this
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morning. big tree taken by the storm in san francisco causing a traffic headache. tomas roman is on that street. -- >> reporter: we are on buchanan crews have been chopping up this tree trying to open lanes of pine street here near buchanan the tree fell over 9:15 this morning. residents we spoke to say it sounded like a huge thud blocked all three lanes of pine beautiful buchanan landed on this mercedes whose owner told us she bought the car three months ago. the tree looks to have shallow roots which is common for this type of tree. it also makes it vulnerable to high winds. we spoke to the owner of that mercedes, she said she called
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the city to find out if the city owns the tree and is liable for the damage? the city told her, her insurance company will have to find out. toe man roman, abc7 news. -- sonoma county, katie marzullo in petaluma that was under a flash flood warning for hours. >> reporter: this morning there was. this is willowbrook creek, two things, one how hard the rain is coming down and how high the water is flowing in this creek. if you want to know what it normally looks like here you have to ask someone who saw it just yesterday. >> from yesterday 4 1/2 feet, yesterday we were seeing ground, grass and puddles. >> reporter: it is behind his office building, he knew the rain was coming, the volume of water that appeared so suddenly was still a surprise
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at least the water is staying in the creek for now. near rohnert park the creek made it over the the banks on to presley road crews were assessing the situation before dawn. petaluma river made a mess at stone any point road. bobby has a mobile home nearby with new floors. >> this water came up quick this morning we are hoping it stays where it is now so we don't get wet. >> reporter: plenty are watching and waiting as the drenching is not done yet. >> it is amazing amount of water in the time we had if we have three more days no way the banks are going to hold that. >> reporter: i talked to petaluma police a couple times they hadn't had reports mav juror flooding. they say they are going about things business as usual. katie marzullo, abc7 news. . >> the storm also knocked out lights to two bridges during the early morning commute. here's a time lapse from our tower camera along the bay
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bridge you can see the lights flicker back on 6:30, rains and winds left the bridge dark an hour metering lights were off the richmond san rafael bridge also didn't have lights for sometime other than a back-up it went smoothly. the storm has caused big problems in the east bay, including mud and rock slide on highway 84. >> traffic was not moving at the scene like it is on 880. let's take out to scene on highway 84 where that rock and mudslide blocked traffic in both directions more than an hour on 84, sky 7 hd shows even after the slide the mud and rocks were clean up, there was residual bad traffic in hayward in the city limits not a lot of accidents. some caution as dryers had to share streets with walkers and
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cyclists many on the highways, freeways around this area, there were dozens of accident, most drivers said they saw some but were trying to be conscientious. >> potholes and water, trucks going by, it has been a little crazy >> puddles, no visibility, traffic going pretty good. >> basically slow down, following distances, >> that's the information we get from the chp and it is good advice. as you know the speeds are 65, chp says if 65 is too fast for the conditions, they will give you a ticket even though you are obeying the speed limit keep that in mind as you are driving today because it is slick and it can be unsafe, eric thomas, abc7 news. there have been hundreds
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of accidents. >> sue hall is in the news traffic center with the latest. we've been busy since 4:00 this morning. back to san jose this is 87 northbound right pardon me the fast lane you can see cars flying through it is flooded there we had earlier problems, everybody is getting by okay, standing water is the problem all around the bay area still at this hour bay bridge very light earlier power outage that is back on couple problem spots eastbound 580 san ramon road a car flew 50 feet often road now in flames you may scene slowing eastbound for gawkers, 280 accident in right lane headed towards cupertino, overturn accident that one blocking left lane slow as you make your way towards the 24 skwraoupblgs. southbound 101 peninsula oregon expressway accident
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blocking two lanes. take its, so and -- slow and go through the weekend. let's get another check of live doppler, rain still sitting on top us. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the system that is drenching the bay area. track it with live doppler 7 hd at yellow around gilroy is heavy rain. mike will be back in a few minutes with the forecast. a break-in and murder investigation in upscale silicon valley neighborhood. >> mexican restaurant catches fire. why crews say they had trouble?@ why crews say they had trouble?@ pu people are stuck in very old hahabits
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>> >> right now storms are continuing to move acssss the bay area live doppler 7 hd yellow showing h he rain of course we have a lot of green moderate rain in the bay are right now delays of two hours certainly for arrivals at sfo departures delaye as well, many short hll flights up and down the coast have been cancelled. no delays reported at oakland or s san jose airports. mike will have the full forecast in just a few minutes. right now, los gatos police investigating an early morning home invasion h homicid. kira klapper joins us with the
11:46 am
story. >> reporter: good morning many police tell me this could be the first murder here since 1972, that is 40 years many this morning one man de, his wife policeayay is unharmed she is in the hospital being trteted for nonlife-threateng g injuries. we have video fromdodown the street from that house where crime scene tape was blocking off the scene of the crime. police say a wanan called 911 after 1:30 this morning saying someone broke into the home and ransacked it. police arrived less than 10 minutes lat t they phone the woman's husband de in the home. >> there's-- they found the womas s husband dead inside the home. >> there's lots of things that strange it isaa safe, question yet coununity the house is well back into the neighborhood in a remote location. that's a big part of the
11:47 am
investigation why was somebody there? what was their intention? what if anything was taken? >> reporter: authorities are still piecing together with e e help of that female victim who is in the hospital a descriptio of who they are looking for and ho many intruders there were? this morning the investigation is nearing its 10th hou police say with the rain congng down so steadily they had to be quick but detail to cocollect all the evidence as they say meme of it is washing away in the rain. ththey are asking annene who might have any information to contact los gatos police. kira klapper, abc7 news. fire damaged asasan jose restaurant this morning it broke out before 7:00 in the attic at south 24 and east william. firefighting efforts were briefly hurt by electrical wires damage contained to the roof and attic the restaurant
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oh boy, what a mess. massive tree cross a business road in mill valley this morning before 2 a.m. on miller avenue major road that was in front of the safeway. it blocked westbound lanes of miller for a while crews quickly cut it up so traffic could get through. we'll continue our storm coverage throughout the day on a lot of problems with trees and power lines. meteorologist mike nicco here to look at how long this will continue. >> about the next hour or two, heaviest of the rain moving through now with a wave on the cold front we don't have winds when this morning we had guts up to 60 few, 70
11:52 am
miles per hour, 50 -- at sfo, i expect the trees if they begin to topple again probably because the rain is coming down so heavily not the wind that will change sunday morning where i think we'll have breezy conditions again and the possibility more power outages. emeryville towards san francisco, 200 feet up in the clouds on mount tamalpais you can see how breezy it is in the higher elevations if we have issues with trees it will be above 2,000 feet the rest of the afternoon. live doppler 7 hd i would like to zoom in where the rain is heaviest and show you, but it is heavy everywhere. look at all those yellows and oranges, pulling off the peninsula, firmly entrenched from berkeley, oakland, alameda, san leandro to hayward heading through the east bay hills into the east bay valleys all the way towards livermore. that's where heaviest of the rain is now.
11:53 am
we have a couple of strong returns as you come out of the mountains along 92 from half moon bay towards san mateo and redwood city expect an uptick in your rain. a lot of the green south bay even yellow into the santa cruz mountains, on the left another wall of heavier rain headed for pescadero, santa cruz mountains and into san jose in the south bay other the next hour or so. i think the hour to two hour timeframe is good for the heaviest of the rain moving through now. back edge this is the cold front making eastward progress when you get a wave on the cold front it slows it down because of the counterclockwise flow it increases winds out of the south and holds that cold front up back side that low you get northerly winds going to push the cold front through and accelerate it by the 2:00 being hour and take the heavier rain with it. moisture upstream, scattered
11:54 am
showers even during the afternoon and evening. heaviest of the showers, flooding potential for power outages all that starts to taper around 1:00, 2:00. off and on showers through saturday we'll keep having southerly moist wind move through tomorrow at times it will be okay to be out are anywhere it going to be very wet on the ground. the next storm comes in sunday. here's that low and you can see it holding up the cold front, watch as it accelerates east by 2:00, heaviest rain still scattered showers throughout the arm, evening, light rain during the overnight hours, more showers for tomorrow not as widespread as this afternoon, you may be able to get outside, by 8:00 a lot of the bay area dry. next cold front pushing heavy rain back in, potential for flooding and power out tans in the north bay by 5 o'clock sunday morning, 7:00 in the part of the bay, 9:00 in the south bay, clearing will
11:55 am
develop during the latter parts of the afternoon from north to south. this is in addition to what we've already had, we are going to we another one to two inches south bay, two to three around the bay, possibly another six inches in our mountains from that next storm on sunday. once it passes we get a break monday and most of tuesday very weak system nothing like today and sunday, will come in wednesday. thursday it will be dry. the worst of today almost over except for those areas i just showed you heading south and east. be prepared for sunday morning, going to happen again. happening right now the fate of same-sex marriage in california could be decided during a closed door session of the university is supreme court. justices are debate to let stand appeals court ruling declaring prop 8 unconstitutional. the ballot bans same-sex marriage in california if the justices let the ruling stan, same-sex marriage would be
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legalize -- ruling stand, same-sex marriage would be legalized within days. the decision could be this afternoon, download our app for the iphone, android or ipad and find all of our apps at raider fans listen up, we to see your team pride, e-mail your fan pictures and we will post them for you and show them on air during our special raiders day edition at 4:00 next thursday. at 5 watch as peyton manning brings the broncos to the coliseum we'll broadcast the game live here on abc 7. mike will be back with one last look at our current weather conditions. >> here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. lots of rain sitting over the bay area right now.
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>> >> meteorologist mike nicco tracking everything. absolutely up to the
11:59 am
second everything is moving heaviest rain along the east bay shore, hills into the east bay valleys that's where it is going to be the better part of the next hour, santa cruz mountains south bay hour, hour and a half from now heavier rain. flash flood watch through monday i said everything is going to start to taper, everything is saturated now anything that falls could cause flash flooding, best chance sunday morning into the maybe around the noon hour for another repeat of power lines down, trees down, mudslides and flooding rain. if you are heading to the surf rip currents until 4:00 tomorrow morning. that's going to do it for now on abc7 news thanks for joining us. finally, the exclusive alarm clock app is available for your android or tablet and the kindle fire too. download it for free from the amazon app store and google play.

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